Olufunmi Ayo Odunsi

Also known as Otasowie was born in the ancient city of Benin in 1950 of a mother who's a descendant of Osawe and Aghe family of Usen in Okada Local Government Area of Edo State, Nigeria. He grew up and had his elementary education before moving to his dad's native town to continue his education.
Coming from a background where works of arts are most prevalent and treasured, he chose to pick up art from his early days after school and specialized in Graphic Designing. He worked in the art studios of top advertising agencies in Nigeria and rose to become Art Director. He also worked with SPK Advertising & Marketing Limited, Fareham, United Kingdom on attachment until floating his own Advertising Agency which was TheSource Communication Limited in Nigeria where he was the President/Creative Head.
Haven been a Graphic Designer/Digital Illustrator, he had many award winning designs to his credit. Now, as an Abstract and Pour Art painter (Pour Art Painting is a method that throw caution to the wind), he enjoys the tactile experience of using a real brush to paint as well as paint pouring as opposed to digital version to express his creative visions. He no longer have to click, cut & paste, do & undo buttons and instead, he goes with the flow of whatever happens on the canvas. The interaction of colors, texture, and the feel of paint on his hands, the sound of the brush and palette knife on the canvas are much more rewarding to him than the click of the mouse and keyboard. My primary goal is to compel viewer not to only experience the work visually but to feel the urge to touch them. I experiment with different mediums, textures and color combinations to create something unexpected and unique. My paintings are spontaneous, intuitive and organic. Practiced for over 40 years and now retired to paintings for leisure as well as a therapeutic escape from the stresses of daily life. He relocated to the United States.